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Vision & Strategic objectives

Caring for the most complete dockyard from the Age of Sail.

Our charity


 The most complete and best preserved Dockyard of the Age of Sail will increase its impact through innovative reuses of our heritage assets making it ever more relevant to all users, providing excellent experiences for all and inspirational learning for the widest audiences.

Strategic Objectives

As a registered charity, our strategic objectives accord with our founding documents:

No.3 Slip at The Historic Dockyard Chatham


To set the benchmark in maintaining excellence in the sympathetic preservation and use of The Historic Dockyard, its buildings, ships and collections through diverse re-use.  Excellence in management of the heritage environment and building use will remain essential in preserving the unique, award-winning, historic character of the site.


To engage the widest audiences in learning about the significance and role of the former Royal Dockyard at Chatham and its people in supporting the Royal Navy from sail to steam to nuclear power over a 400 year period.

Utilising on-site heritage assets as the foundation for an industry leading “Visitor Attraction”, we will maximise our reach and capacity whilst maintaining quality in delivering inspirational programmes and engaging activities which will incorporate the best use of digital technology and outreach activities.

Call the Midwife


Providing excellence in everything we do, we will deliver an unmatched, inspirational and memorable experience for all users of The Historic Dockyard – whether visitors, tenants, residents or students – that exceed their expectations and maintains a balanced ecology of uses.

Accredited Museum

As a fully accredited Museum we collect, preserve, study and exhibit objects and materials connected with the history of:

The role of the Dockyard and its people

The development of Royal Navy warship construction and design

The use of the River Medway and its support services and their role in the development of the Medway

The work of the Trust and all those that operate from its buildings contribute at least £30m to the local economy each year.