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  • To book a tour here at The Historic Dockyard simply book upon arrival! Both tours are included in your entry tickets.
  • Once you have collected your entry tickets, make your way down to ‘Plan Your Day’ point in the Command of the Oceans Gallery, where you will be able to book a time slot for both tours: The Ropery & HM Submarine Ocelot.
  • These tours are both guided, allowing you to discover what life was like below the waves or to “learn the ropes” with a foreman from 1875!

*Please note that we have timed tours to ensure you have a comfortable experience and overcrowding does not occur.

* Tours are not available on event days but alternatives are available to ensure access



The Ropery

Take the Victorian Ropery Tour

Did you know? Today Chatham is the only one of the original four Royal Navy Rope walks to remain in operation and together with its related buildings forms the finest integrated group of 18th century manufacturing buildings in Britain.

Come and discover why the enormous double Ropewalk is nearly ¼ mile long. Before you visit, have a guess at how many miles of rope HMS Victory needed… you’ll be amazed at the answer!

Tour Info:

There are 2 types of tours for the Ropery:

  • The Gallery Tour: This tour is available 7 days a week and is 45 minutes long. On this tour you have the opportunity to volunteer to make your own rope, and visit the ¼ mile long rope walk.
  • Ropery Demonstration Tour: Rope has been made here for 400 years and we still make it today – for lots of customers! This means you can witness the mysterious craft of rope making for yourself during our live demonstrations led by our very own Master Rope Makers. This starts at 12.15pm and only available Monday – Friday.



HM Submarine Ocelot

Explore the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham Dockyard

Launched in 1962, HM Submarine Ocelot was the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham. Equipped with a stealthy diesel electric engine Oberon class submarines such as Ocelot made for the perfect surveillance vessel and were selected to undertake missions in the deep waters of the world’s oceans – some of which remain top secret!

Tour Info:

The Ocelot tour runs 7 days a week with 2 types of tours:

  • 30 Min Tour – This is a detailed tour with a tour guide, explaining as you go through the submarine, the stories and the life of HM Submarine Ocelot
  • 10-15 Min Tour (The Mini Tour): This suits people who would like a short overview of HM Ocelot, this is done at the beginning of the tour with a tour guide, who will then walk you through the submarine. This runs 3 – 4 times a day.

*Please note that there are small spaces and hatches to climb through and this may not appeal to everyone! Please view our accessibility page if you decide not to climb on-board!


Have you planned your day with us yet?