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Residential Property at the Dockyard

Live in the most complete Dockyard of the Age of Sail

Ever since The Royal Dockyard at Chatham was built, as well as being the power house that drove the Empire, it was also a place that people called “home”.

From the stunning Commissioner’s House – Britain’s oldest Naval building still in use and today available as a unique wedding venue, to the imposing Georgian splendour of Officers’ Terrace built to house the most senior ranks of the Royal Navy- residents have been as much a part of this amazing place as the ships that sailed from here to write history.

Officers’ Terrace remains a parade of family houses, having escaped the fate that befell a number of properties in the 20th century of being converted into flats. With their separate walled gardens, they retain the majestic appearance that can be found all over The Historic Dockyard. In the last 30 years these properties have been supplemented with sympathetic conversions of two stable blocks, the refurbishment of two tower houses and the addition of newly built houses and apartments that continue the residential element of this stunning mixed use community.

Today, there are 120 properties of differing sizes appealing to families and individuals looking for a unique and stylish residence in an amazing location. Some 400 people live on site in a secure gated environment with benefits that include free entry to the historic attractions, on site security and possibly one of the most prestigious addresses in Kent.

Over recent years, there has been an increase in properties available to rent on site, thus opening up the opportunity to be part of this community to a wider audience and to those not wishing to purchase

In order to maintain the appearance of the site, and for the benefit of all, there are, understandably, Restrictive Covenants applicable to all the properties and these are supplemented with a set of estate rules that are updated as required. There is also a very active Residents Association Committee that liaises frequently with the management company over issues affecting the common areas.

Properties within The Historic Dockyard are either Freehold or held on a long Lease. As such the owners are free to market the properties themselves through local and national estate agents.

If you are interested in becoming a home owner in a unique environment, then please search for Dockyard on all estate agent’s websites. Alternatively, please contact any of the local estate agents directly.

University Property

Study at one of the most Historic Sites in Kent

The University of Kent has had an association with The Historic Dockyard for many years, but in 2006 it took over The Galvanising Shop to house its theatre and event design courses and from then it has never looked back.