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A Pirate’s Life For Me…

25 May 2019 - 8 Sep 2019

A Pirate's Life For Me

A Pirate's Life For Me...

We are delighted to have the V&As touring exhibition with us this year!

This exhibition will look at Pirates as characters in children’s culture and as icons in the popular imagination.

Pirates have been family favourites for over 200 years, with many stories and tales to share! Everyone knows a Pirates mannerism and what they wear, but do you know why?

Get ready young buccaneers for all things Pirates – you’re bound to learn a new Pirate trick or two to join the ranks!

See below for the different sections of the exhibition…

Pirate Tales

Will you take up the challenge to be a Pirate in search of hidden treasure in the exhibition?

Explore popular Pirate stories and the importance behind them.

A pirate’s reputation is in the telling and retelling of tales –  how will you do?

The Pirate Look

How would you draw a Pirate?

Visit the Pirate Boutique and become a Pirate from a range of accessories of hats to wooden legs and make your own Pirate look.

Find out why Pirates look the way they do and even learn and master speaking like a Pirate and how to talk to your scurvy crewmates.

The Crew

Learn The Pirate Code…

Once you’ve learned it, choose your role on the ship, practice your skills and even choose your own crew from a gallery of fictional rogues.

The Ship

Discover how a Pirate ship is not just a place of work, but also places of fun!

Learn the skills to sail a ship – tie a knot, learn your port from your starboard, spot friends and foes with a telescope and to navigate the stars!

Treasure Island

Islands made good hiding places for Pirates.

Find out about island environments and the seas surrounding them and the creatures that could be found.

On hunt for treasure like a Pirate? Just be aware of any traps that may be left behind by suspicious Pirates…

What's On

What's on