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A Pirate’s Life For Me…

25 May 2019 - 8 Sep 2019

A Pirate's Life For Me

A Pirate's Life For Me...

A touring exhibition from the V&A Museum of Childhood

Located in No.1 Smithery, this programme is included in your annual tickets! – no need to pre book, simply arrive on the day of your visit.

A perfect day out for families to explore a variety of Pirate collections exploring the history and impact of Pirates in children’s culture through displays including toys, books, costumes, illustrations, games and photographs. Children can run around and burn off some energy whilst exploring the  wooden Pirate ship – be the Captain and “steer the ship!”



Explore the exhibition...

Visit the Grig Grog tavern, hunt for treasure, set sail on the Deathly Scallywag in the first UK venue for this interactive family friendly exhibition! This exhibition is split up into 4 different zones. Free flow through the exhibition as you see how pirate toys have grown throughout the years.

The Street

Explore the key loans and objects from the V&A collections – Feel nostalgic as you recognise popular pirate children toys.



The Tavern

Will you take up the challenge to be a Pirate in search of hidden treasure in the exhibition?

Explore popular Pirate stories and the importance behind them.

A pirate’s reputation is in the telling and retelling of tales –  how will you do?


Islands made good hiding places for Pirates.

Find out about island environments and the seas surrounding them and the creatures that could be found.

On hunt for treasure like a Pirate? Just be aware of any traps that may be left behind by suspicious Pirates…

Ships & Sea Island

Climb on board the wooden ship! Learn the skills to sail a ship – tie a knot, learn your port from your starboard, spot friends and foes with a telescope and to navigate the stars.

May Half Term

ARRRRRR! Climb on-board HMS Gannet, all transformed into our very own pirate ship this May Half Term! It’s swashbuckling fun with our pirate crew!

During this week The Dockyard will be filled with Pirate activities for 3-5-year olds and 5-10-year olds. Young buccaneers will begin their Pirate journey by creating their very own Pirate compass. This compass will reveal their five Pirate missions to complete, in order to meet the Captain to receive their reward!

Will you be able to make a treasure map, a flag, use a telescope and more? Perhaps walking the plank will be the hardest mission of all!

If you don’t complete them all in one day, don’t worry, you can return on your annual ticket to do more another day!

Discounted online tickets...

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