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Time and Tide Exhibition in No.1 Smithery

22 Jun 2019 - 6 Jul 2019

Time and Tide Exhibition in No.1 Smithery

Time and Tide

The children of English Martyrs’ Primary School in Strood, Rochester have been inspired by the River Medway, its history and its environment.  Working with an artist in school, the younger pupils created pop up boats and images of the sea.  Older pupils spent a day at the Historic Dockyard where they created their own versions of ships’ emblems using an embossing technique on metal foil.

The whole school contributed to a floor installation. They have created a map, on the gallery floor, of the meandering River Medway and the historic dockyards at Chatham.  They thought about the history of ship building and learned about the boats that were constructed at Chatham during the Age of Sail, such as:  HMS Victory, and in the early Modern era, the submarine HMS Ocelot. The 3-dimensional picture space helps us to imagine our journeys on the river’s tide, both in space and time.

In addition, children have created artistic pieces inspired by a variety of different National Curriculum themes.  Using real and imaginary connections, topics such as the Ancient Egyptians, World War II and the poetry of Edward Lear are represented in this exhibition.

The School wanted to celebrate the energy and excitement of children’s creativity in Medway, especially when considerable academic pressures of the timetable give little space to appreciate, enjoy and practise the visual arts.  They hope that this exhibition inspires others – free your artistic talent and join them on our creative journey!

Come see their work in the No.1 Smithery!

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