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Showing you the ropes

Master Ropemakers maintains a process of ropemaking that dates back on this site for more than 400 years.

Close up image of rope.
Female Master Ropemaker on the Rope Walk at The Historic Dockyard Chatham

We’re knot just any ropemaker

Master ropemakers

Master Ropemakers Ltd, based in the heart of The Historic Dockyard Chatham. We manufacture and sells rope to the trade and customers across the world using a rope making process that dates back more than 400 years.

Chatham’s skilled Master Ropemakers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and provide rope for a range of uses, which include anything from rigging the world’s mightiest historic vessels, to fenders and battle ropes as well as playing a vital supporting role for a wide range of film and theatre productions.

We use natural and synthetic fibres in the manufacture and our team of craftsmen and women not only produce the rope but work with it: splicing, knotting, net making and creating bespoke products to customer requirements

Sadly the art of ropemaking is in decline in the UK so every time to make a purchase from us you are helping to keep our historic ropewalk and ropemaking skills alive.

Many of our products are available to trade and wholesale

Please contact us by phone on 01634 823890 or email us (link below) to set up a trade account or for further information.

Get in touch

Buying rope can sometimes be a complex and confusing process. Our expert team are on hand to help with all enquiries – big and small. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

showing you the ropes

The ropery

Visit The Ropery Gallery for an atmospheric journey through the lives of Ropery workers, past and present, before stepping out onto the iconic ropewalk and witnessing ropemaking in action.

Immersive film, hands-on interactives, and displays, including a vast collection of ropemaking and rope related objects from the Museum of Knots & Sailor’s Ropework, tell the story of rope and its place in British history.


25 March – 17 November 2024

‘Dancing In Time: The Ties That Bind Us’ draws on the symbolism of rope and its historic importance since ancient times. Its intrinsic role in both maritime industry and the colonisation and building of empire cannot be overstated.

We are delighted to feature this piece at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, where it is currently on display for the remainder of the year, after being originally located at Albert Dock during the Liverpool Biennale of 2023 and commissioned by Liverpool Museums.

Dancing In Time