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HM Submarine Ocelot

Launched in 1962, HM Submarine OCELOT was the last warship built at Chatham for the Royal Navy. She was one of 57 submarines built between 1908 and 1966 and served during the Cold War in the Arctic, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

HM SUbmarine Ocelot (1962)

last royal navy warship built at chatham

Equipped with a stealthy diesel electric engine Oberon class submarines such as OCELOT made for the perfect surveillance vessel and were selected to undertake missions in the deep waters of the world’s oceans – some of which remain top secret!

Although the Ministry of Defence have yet to release in-depth papers regarding OCELOT’S service, we know that this remarkable vessel clocked up over 90,000 miles and engaged in exercises and trials in nearly every corner of the world, including during the Cold War in the Arctic, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

She remained in service until 1991.

Free tours

Explore a Cold War Submarine

You can swing through the hatches and peer through the periscope of OCELOT on a visit to the Dockyard. Timed tours run daily and can be booked on arrival.

Kids walking onto HMS Ocelot

Guided Walk Through

Get a taster for what life was like onboard a real submarine. Swing through the hatches and explore the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham.

The walk through takes approximately 15 minutes.

HM Submarine Ocelot

Guided Tour

We are pleased to introduce a longer guided tour of our Cold War submarine OCELOT. This new tour allows more time to explore the original interior and hear interesting facts and stories as you experience what life on board was like for her serving crew.

The guided tour takes approximately 30 minutes.


We have worked with AccessAble to create individual access guides to our galleries and spaces. These guides give you the detailed information you need to work out if a space is going to be accessible to you.

HM Submarine Ocelot Access Guide

Parking, Entrance, Ticket Office & Shop Guide

Changing Places & Accessible Toilets Guide

Getting Around Guide

HM Submarine Ocelot’s History

HM Submarine OCELOT was laid down at Chatham Dockyard on 17th of November 1960.